Monday, October 23, 2006

Google's Corporate Culture

It only takes one trip to the bathroom to understand why Google, Inc. encourages innovation through its corporate culture. This Saturday article in the Washington Post describes how Google promotes unconventional thinking and keeps employees happy with numerous perks, including heated commodes, free meals, an outdoor wave pool, and child care facility. Stacy Sullivan, chief culture officer, said that experience and grade-point averages are considered during its rigorous hiring process, but also factored in is “whether someone is Googley.” This intentionally vague term encompasses the company’s culture and non-traditional orientation.

Undoubtedly Google's unique corporate culture is at least partially responsible for its recent successes. In the past three years, Google’s workforce has tripled in size, (now more than 9,000 employees) and expanded to offices to numerous cities including Beijing, Zurich and Bangalore. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, also said business was “very, very good” as third-quarter revenue rose 70 percent from last year. Google’s stock on the NASDAQ also hit a trading all-time high of $484.64 on Monday.

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